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Welcome! This website was created on Aug 15 2011 and last updated on Dec 02 2013. The family trees on this site contain 4281 relatives and 407 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About In the Footsteps...
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These pages represent the work of amateur researchers and should not be used as a sole source by
any other researcher. Furthermore, I have made little effort to quote sources on this site which is
intended for the casual enjoyment of my kin. Those interested in, or concerned about sources of any
particular piece of information may contact me.  Corrections and contributions are encouraged and

When family gathered for special occasions, I listened intently as my elders recounted tales of their grandparents and other forefathers, many of them hardy pioneers who came west and first broke the sweet prairie soil. These stories instilled in me an interest in, and a love for, history - particularly that of my own family. Fortunately, there were some dear aunts, as well as my mother, who passed on to me what they knew, what they had heard, and remembrances from their own lives. What a treasure!
I'm excited to share the fascinating and real stories on these pages, as well as genealogical data relating to my ancestors, and those of my wife, Nancy - the pioneers, the farmers and teachers, the preachers, the engineers and accountants, the paupers, the kings, queens, and tribal warriors of the Dark Ages in whose footsteps we tread.
Which family lines are included on this site? First of all, my own family lines - the Thompsons and Hamars on my father's side, and the Hackneys and Holmeses on my mother's side. You will also find the families and ancestors ancestors of my wife, Nancy - the Staker/Morris and Glidewell/Hendricks clans.
I hope that relatives from all the families listed will not only enjoy what is here, but feel free to send stories, memories, corrections, additional information, and photos for use here. Please consider this a family endeavor, not one man's. And, please sign the guest book!
IMPORTANT NOTE - Data and photos for living individuals are "privatized," viewable only by family, in accordance with standard genealogical practices.
Corrections, submissions, photos and your stories are welcome and encouraged ... Let`s make this a true family site!
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